New Era

It brings me much sadness and joy (sadoy?) to announce that booch kombucha is no more. What has been years in planning and 233 days in operation has ceased. We decided to rebrand many months ago when we started to look more seriously at growing the business and brand. The brand name itself ties very nicely with kombucha. Years ago when I registered this name, I didn’t plan on it becoming synonymous with kombucha. Fast forward to 2018 and every second Instagram post of kombucha has #booch tagged. This leads to confusion and limitation. In a sea of kombucha brands it would have been difficult to stand out. Plus we are starting to look outside of kombucha. Thus we had to look for something more unique. Something that will stand out on the shelf and yet is easy to remember.

From October 1st 2018 onwards, booch will become SCULL. We will hold the same brand values just in a shinier new shell. I will explain what SCULL means to us in a later blog. Stay tuned for that.

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