Privacy Policy



All information collected by SCULL, whether that is your name, address, email, phone number or DOB is strictly used internally. We don't sell any information to third parties. We use it to send you the occasional newsletter/email or even a voucher for your birthday! How cool is that?!? You can opt out of those communications, just click unsubscribe or drop us a friendly message; we'll be more than happy to do it. But a little sad inside that you don't like us. The only time your information will be given out is if it is required by law.



Short of writing everything on paper and storing it in a bank vault; we do everything we can to make sure nobody nicks your details. We may or may not wipe the memory of all staff members on a daily basis for that added security. When your information is no longer accurate or needed, we make sure that it is written on CD and put into the microwave at HIGH for 10 minutes.