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Since early 2015, SCULL was born out of the idea of making a healthier beverage for people of all ages to suit all occassions. Over the years this hasn't changed. Sure, kombucha is more widely available now. But it still surprises us how many people tell us they don't like kombucha because it tastes like vinegar. Who wants to drink something that smells "funky" and burns your throat? Yuck!

We set about creating a range of tasty kombucha drinks that have all the benefits of traditional kombucha (low in sugar, high in antioxidants, full of B vitamins) without compromising on the taste. Too often people get lost in the labels and focus on the numbers. Life is too short to be stuck consuming stuff that tastes horrible.

At SCULL, we aim to brew the freshest kombucha out there. Using high quality teas from Australia and abroad, we brew it like your grandma used to. No additives, preservatives or pasteurisation needed. We do have a fancy schmancy cold press juicer your grandma doesn't though. With the addition of fresh whole fruits, herbs and spices; we make sure it tastes as good as it is for your body.

We've converted loads of people into regular kombucha drinkers. Why don't you give your regular sugary soft drink the flick and try a SCULL kombucha.


SCULL sources all its fresh produce from local farmers and markets in South Australia. We are quite lucky to have amazing produce right at our doorstep. Not only do we source locally, we also source seasonally. If it isn't in season, we don't use it. Who wants to use something that been sitting in cold storage for months. We want to give our customers the freshest possible kombucha. We don't have our kombucha sitting on shelves for months and don't want our produce to be either. We pride ourselves on quality; which starts with our sourcing. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure we make the best possible kombucha.

All the herbs used in our kombucha come from our little veggie patch onsite. Plucked fresh.

We wish we could source all our spices locally. However it is darn near impossible. But good thing some of the best spices in the world come direct from the source to us. No need to go to the spice bazaars of Istanbul or the East Indies.

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We are a husband and wife team - Damian and Sharon. We packed up our bags in December 2017 and landed bright eyed and bushy tailed in Adelaide. Since launching booch kombucha in February 2018 we have had a blast in "Radelaide", which we feel is the epicentre of food culture in Australia. Fast forward 5 months and we see ourselves growing beyond just kombucha so needed a name that represented us. SCULL. For us, the word scull invokes the spirit of abandonment and joy when you scull a drink, as well as highlighting the forward thinking nature we want to be known for. Like how a single rower can effortlessly glide across still water, sculling with two oars. This is what SCULL means to us, and hopefully you.

Damian has grown up surrounded by food in Sydney. From helping out in the family restaurant at an early age. Working in bars and stadiums in Sydney and London. Spending the last 12 years fermenting vinegar in a factory. He became tea obsessed a few years back and decided to marry his two passions; fermenting and tea. In 2013 he swapped a jar of homemade Strawberry jam for a SCOBY and away he went. He is the man who adds that extra punch in all our kombucha (aka Brew Boss).

Sharon hails from Singapore and is a bit of a food nut as well. Where she lacks in the cooking department, she more than makes up in eating and hunger pangs. Ask her where the best food is and she will draw up a list for you. She is the voice and energy of SCULL (aka Market Marvel).

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SCULL is proud to be a member of KBI, a non-profit trade association committed to promoting and protecting commercial kombucha brewers around the world.  

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