Is Kombucha only for hipsters?!?!

There is no denying that kombucha is getting more and more mainstream. It might seem like something that your quasi hippy friend brews in his spare time, or something that young millenials might grab alongside their smashed avo during their weekend brunch. But I would argue it is not the weird cousin of juice you always thought it was.

It is no longer confined to the fridges of your local healthfood store. It has already penetrated into your big two supermarkets. Currently in 2018, I would say most people have sort of heard of it. But doing markets, we realised a lot of people still have yet to try it. Is this partially due to the stigma it carries?

Well, to say Kombucha is a new hipster drink is incorrect. People have been drinking it for over 2000 years. It is by no means “new”, but it was never extremely popular until a resurgance from North America in the mid 90s. Here in Australia, it is only in the past couple of years that it got any real traction. Partially due to growing interest in gut health and low sugar diets. It kind of exploded from there. In the past 12 months we have noticed more and more interest from consumers. Not only are cafes stocking kombucha alongside other bottled drinks, we are starting to get enquiries from pubs and hotels. Who knows how big it can get. Currently, it is estimated that 20% of Americans drink it.

Speaking from our experience, we have noticed that consumers of kombucha aren’t all plaid shirt wearing, scruffy bearded millenials. Far from it. It definitely has mass appeal. From teetotallers to diabetics or anyone generally health conscious. Some of our most loyal fans have been Baby Boomers. For anyone without a sweet tooth, kombucha might be the drink you are looking for.

Kombucha is definitely not for everyone. We chuckle everytime someone squishes up their face when they get blown away by the tartness. But life is about trying new things. You can always wash it down with your beverage of choice.

Cheers to that!

discussionDamian Foo