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booch is the husband-and-wife team of Damian and Sharon who have been home-brewing kombucha since 2015. Having been in the family fermentation business and running it for over a decade in Sydney,  Damian wanted to do something about his increasing reliance on caffeine and started embracing tea. From the tea books he started collecting, he discovered the craft of kombucha and its health benefits. His curiosity was piqued given his fermenting background. So with a jar of homemade strawberry jam in hand one day, he met an elderly lady down the street where he lived through Gumtree and swapped his jam for his first mother SCOBY. And the rest is history.

Together with Sharon who put her corporate life behind, the couple made the move and relocated to Adelaide in December 2017 to grow this passion. With the allure of being placed where Australia's freshest food sources are, they are loving every minute of their new Adelaide and booch adventure.